Little ones can enjoy kirie through these books.  

This was my first opportunity to illustrate a book.  A story about a child's sleepover at grandmother's house.

I was very excited to receive the Marion Vannet Ridgway Memorial Award and the NY Society of Illustrators Certificate of Merit.

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It was great to work with Lensey Namioka on the Loyal Cat.  The story takes place in ancient Japan and follows the adventures of a magical cat, his friend, and a poor humble priest.

I was honored to receive the prestigious Golden Kite Honor Book Award in Illustration and was credited with the NY Society of Illustrators Certificate of Merit.

There were still some copies of The Loyal Cat on Amazon (please click on the image to check.

I was able to author and illustrate Aesop's Fox.  The book retells fables from Aesop through the adventures of a fox.

This book was selected to the New York Public Library 100 Books for Reading and Sharing.

It was awesome to work with Lensey Namioka again on The Hungriest Boy in the World.  This is a story about a boy who swallows a hunger monster and starts devouring everything in sight!

My love for cat cut-outs was showcased in The Boy Who Drew Cats. It's the story about a young boy's passion for drawing cats and how it changes his life.

This was one of two books I illustrated for Elizabeth Partridge. Oranges on Golden Mountain is a great immigrant story about a Chinese boy's move to San Francisco with the hope of finding his mother and sister.

Oranges on Golden Mountain won the Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2001.  Oranges was also included in the the New York Times Book Review.

This is my second collaboration with Elizabeth Partridge.  I was happy to illustrate a story about an artist's daring quest to discover the spirit of nature and life that surrounds us all.

This book was selected to the NY Society of Illustrators Original Show. It was included in the NY Public Library 100 Books for Reading and Sharing and was listed int the Junior Library Guild.

Belinda Louie is a friend who teaches at the University of Washington. It was fun to illustrate an educational book for those wanting to learn Chinese.  Students can sharpen their Chinese language skills while enjoying and coloring intricate papercut designs.

A follow-up book to Learning Chinese through Stories and Activities. One can learn Chinese through festivals and celebrate tradition through tales of the past.

Origami is the Japanese tradition of folding paper. It was natural to illustrate The Origami Master. This tale is about an Origami Master living in the mountains of Japan. One morning, the master finds a new paper elephant on his desk, but doesn't know where the origami came from?

This book was included in the Junior Library Guild Selection.