All images on this site come in cards and prints.  Please contact us (button at the bottom of this page) about any inquiries for original pieces or commission requests.   Thanks!

Minimum purchase requirement = 2 packs of cards.  Each pack comes with 4 cards (all the same image) and 4 envelopes.  No shipping and handling fees for purchases over $50.  *Once in the PayPal site, please use the 'Quantity' box as a multiplier (example:  if you want a 10 sets of cards for $100, please choose 5 packs of cards here and enter 2 in the Quantity box on the PayPal site).  Thanks! 

And please write the name of the image title or titles for your cards in the 'Notes to the Seller' box below.  

Card Pack Prices
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The prints are 14" x 11" for $30.  Please add title or titles for the desired prints in the 'Notes to the Seller' box below.  Thanks!

Print Prices
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